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Broadcasting Suite

We have taken the opportunity that 2020 presented us with to redefine and improve our service to you.

We moved to a larger suite at ERGO Connect and set about it with green paint and sound proofing. This became the backdrop for the latest 4K TV broadcast quality equipment, rigging, computing and 3D software.


After several months of development we are ready to go.

This means that when we film you in our studio we can replace the background with virtually anything and whenever required this can stream this out live to all social media platforms. Studio time starts at £150.00 per hour making this accessible for most organisations.

The difference this makes is that you can replace your conferences with a TV chat show or newsroom broadcast.


With our 3D software we can make your own virtual office or branded TV studio, for you to announce your latest product or service in a truly TV professional production.

The benefits are:

  • Present to camera in the comfort of a purpose built studio

  • Easily drop in a location background of choice

  • Forget weather and lighting challenges, wind and background noise, travelling time and expense, along with general logistic problems

  • Get perfect audio

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  • Most of the benefits of running a conference but with more polished, succinct presentations and with a significant saving of time and expense for the delegates

  • Have total control of your presentations

  • Read your script from autocue

  • A very real alternative for a socially distanced business world

For more information or to see how we could help your project,

please contact Peter Hadfield on 07958 657 232 

or email

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