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by Paul Leeson Taylor

Paul Leeson Taylor is a highly talented and experienced creative in the world of photography and video production.

With years of experience under his belt, Paul has an impeccable eye for capturing the essence of any story through his lens.  

Photography Projects including-

Commercial - Industrial - Events - Product - Music - Fashion - Portraiture -Theatre and Dance Academy's - Charities - Architectural/ Building - Aerial/Drone



His work as a photographer has not just been limited to taking simple headshots and capturing events, as through his pictures he can bring a company's brand and mission to life.

Paul's imagination and creativity are what sets him apart from other photographers in the industry. He doesn't just take pictures, but he creates a story with each shot, showcasing the unique qualities of each individual and company he works with.

Paul's passion for photography began 17, where he started work for a local commercial photographer's and would spend hours experimenting with his camera and finding new ways to capture the world around him.

This love for the art form has only grown stronger over the years, and it is evident in his work.

He has a keen eye for composition, lighting, and detail, which allows him to create visually stunning images that leave a lasting impact on viewers.


In addition to his technical skills, Paul also possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He knows how to make his clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and brings out their best qualities in every shot.

His passion for photography, personalised approach, understanding of body language and exceptional skills make him a valuable asset to any company looking to showcase their brand in the most captivating way possible.

Paul said"Photography is about understand and connecting with your clients. Its knowing the company or person and their values, which allows you to tailor the photography to perfectly represent them or their brand."



This personalized approach not only results in beautiful images but also creates a strong and lasting relationship between Paul and his clients.

Over the years, Paul has worked with a diverse range of companies, from small startups to large corporations. This has given him a deep understanding of the corporate world and its ever-changing dynamics. He knows how to adapt his photography style to fit the needs of each company, this directly led to him becoming an award winning video maker.

Whether it's for a professional headshot or a large-scale marketing campaign,

his versatility and flexibility have made him a highly sought-after photographer in the corporate world.

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