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Gareth Hanson
 Technical, Social Media & Web

I started my career as a graphic designer, working on packaging, corporate literature, and branding. Anything from conceptualising to finished artwork (I even used to create artwork on a drawing board in the early days - now that’s old school!). I worked as a graphic designer for around 15 years. Career highlights included Senior Designer at Sowden Watson, then Creative Director at Design Advertising Marketing (dam).
I then diversified into web design. My strengths here were conceptualising, planning, wire-frames, structure, visuals and UI. I found myself as Managing Director of Bluestorm New Media, a child company of Bluestorm Design & Marketing.
After five years at Bluestorm (back in December 2010), I started Woof Online. I felt that the really exciting part of building websites was the business side. Making websites that really meet a marketing objective, measuring and improving their performance.

Mindmap Productions is a collaboration of creative professionals who specialise in different disciplines of film production,branding and marketing communications.

From this resource each team is built specifically to fulfill individual contracts.


    07958 657 232


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