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"Bollywood Destination East Yorkshire"

Mindmap Video Productions and Bollywood film company, Scort Media have joined forces to co-produce six new music video's followed by a feature film here in Hull and East Yorkshire, for the Asian and global markets.

Based at ERGO in Hessle, video marketing specialists, Mindmap Video Productions have been collaborating with Scort Media Entertainment for over 16 months and are excited to announce their new partnership.

Over a year ago, Bollywood producer Prabhsimran Kaur Sandhu contacted Mindmap Video Productions Director of Photography, Paul Leeson Taylor, to help create a music video in London.

After showing the Indian production company the beauty and financial benefits of filming in Hull and East Yorkshire, the project grew from a single music video to multiple music videos and a feature film bringing over some big Bollywood artists.

Mindmap Video Productions Creative Director, Peter Hadfield said

“These are very exciting projects and will add a vibrant extra layer to our creative video portfolio. Helping to raise the profile of Hull and East Riding to tens of millions in Asia could be a real boost to the local economy.” 

Paul Leeson Taylor expressed his passion for the area they live and work in, saying,

"The more we can do to bring awareness of the beauty of Hull and East Yorkshire, its history, and the quality of the talented people who work here, the better."

The projects will be filmed in and around Hull and East Yorkshire, with a joint production crew of over 60 people in Spring of 2024.

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