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How much does a corporate video production cost?

The price tag can vary dramatically based on things like length, complexity, and production value. You could spend a few hundred pounds or tens of thousands.

But here’s the key: a corporate video is an investment in your business, not just an expense. It can help you reach new customers, boost brand awareness, and accelerate your online presence.

So where do you start?

Dipping your toe in the video waters? The most popular entry-level option is an interview-style “talking head” video.

Simply interview a happy customer about their experience with your product and service.

Capture their authentic, glowing testimonial including filming and editing

you're starting price should start from £350.00 for a polished

90 second testimonial video.

It’s a straightforward way to highlight satisfied customers and build credibility. And it can be a springboard to more advanced corporate videos as your needs grow.

Either way, a corporate video gets your brand in front of eyes.

 It speaks volumes without saying a word. And that makes it an investment that pays dividends.

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